Thursday, 21 February 2019

Twilight at Riverdale Evening

Thank you to all the families who came to join us at the Twilight at Riverdale Evening. It was such a great night had by all, the highlight from most of us was definitely Mr Pike's Magic Show! 

Here are just a few photos of us from the evening

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Hui Whanau

On Friday we have Hui Whanau. We gather together in Piako Tahi to share our learning, do some fun learning songs and also celebrate our friends who have made great choices over the week! 

Here are some superstars who got certificates the last 2 weeks :) 

Monday, 11 February 2019

Building DinosaursO

Dinosaur Construction & Role Play of Dinosaur Behaviour

Observation of Dinosaur Body Parts to Construct Accurately

Rin and Meleane constructed dinosaurs and role played dinosaur behaviour. Lots of oral language, negotiation and cooperation practiced while they explored this behaviour. 

Notice Rin has researched  that dinosaurs have tails and she explained that the long neck was because it is a plant eater so needs a long neck to reach the leaves on the tree.

Dinosaur Research

Cooperating, Sharing, Taking Turns & Sharing Excitiment of Discovery

Questioning & Research

So many social skills being practiced with their peers. It was fabulous to hear the oral language being shared with awe and wonder at their shared descoveries about dinosaurs. Maia is hypothesising about what killed all the dinosaurs so this picture caught her eye and produced lots of discussion around what that ball of 'lava' was, where it came from and how it might have killed all the dinaosuars in the world. Such impressive social, emotional and thinking skills displayed by these clever children.

Observing Dinosaurs in Detail

Observational Drawing of Dinosaurs

Observing Closely

One of the children's questions was if there were any dinosuars that lived in the sea. Ryan researched the question using books and found that there was. He looked carefully at the detail and drew it for the class.  Thanks for your research and observational skills to help teach the class something new Ryan. We appreciate your persistence and wanting to help us.

Exploring Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Habitat

Applying Past Knowledge
Brayden used what he understood about human habitats to construct a habitat for a dinosaur family (they are inside). He wanted strong walls that he said were made of rocks and a roof to keep the rain and thunder out. He had planned what he wanted it to look like so at this point was looking for more red blocks to finish the walls. Great problem solving and engineering Brayden!

Exploring Dinosours!

Triceratops Foot Print!


Bede had lots of fun predicting and measuring the diameter and circumference of the Triceratops foot print using blocks. He was creative in the many different ways he chose to measure. So proud of your persistence Bede!