Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Wheels Explore!!

What a fun week we have had learning all about WHEELS!! We talked a lot about friction and how it stops us from being able to move heavy objects then we saw how wheels could help by reducing the friction and make objects move easier. It was fun to try this out with the scooter boards and the race track!
At the end of the Wheels Explore, we had our WHEELS DAY!! What fun it was to bring along our bikes, scooters, roller skates, skateboards and all our different wheels toys!!
It was so great to see Piako Tahi children learning and using the rules of our school track and sharing their toys with their friends :)

 Check out this cool wheels machine made by a very cooperative group of children

 Figuring out how gravity and wheels help the scooter boards slide down the ramp

 Building roads and tracks for our wheels vehicles to drive on

 Christopher and Jasmine brought their awesome remote control cars to school. They were so kind sharing them with others and all the Piako Tahi kids were great at looking after them!

 WHEELS DAY fun out on the BIG track!!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Flight Explore!!

This week has been all about FLIGHT!!  We have learned a lot about making, testing and improving our flying creations. We have talked about why and how things fly and tried to incorporate these ideas in our own flying machines. We also enjoyed having a big competition at the end of the week to find out whose paper plane could fly the furthest, and the grand winner was... JOEL!!!

 What fun we had outside with our flying wheels, especially when it was a windy day!!  
They flew so fast!!

 Check out some of our flying dragons, they worked best when added a bit of weight to the front of them by using a paper clip!!

 Aria's super cool straw rocket, it flew really far!!

 Lots of testing and fun flying our paper planes, helicopters and dragons off the stage!!

 Jaxon has made a super fast plane with 6 wings using the mobilo and Zoe had a go at making a clever straw plane using circles!!

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Construction Explore!!

This week has been all about building and planning!!  Many of us had a go at planning on paper first before building our constructions.  We also enjoyed working with a group of our friends and discussing what and how we were going to build.  Some of us had a go at building with paper which was really tricky and made us really think!
We were especially learning to share the equipment and chose the appropriate materials for what we wanted to construct.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Pirate Explore!

We have had a fun week learning all about PIRATES! We have practiced our mapping skills using common symbols for different land features, we have made our boats balance and float in the water, we have used our imagination to sail on our pirate ships, we have followed instructions and used maths skills to complete pirate puzzles and much more...

SCIENCE / TECHNOLOGY - Bede made his boat in the form of a square so it would balance, he also made a sail so the wind could make it move like on pirate ships

MAPPING SKILLS / ART / SELF MANAGEMENT / CREATIVITY - These clever kids are working hard on their pirate masks and treasure maps so they can go hunting for treasure

 DRAMA - Oh no! Declan had to walk the plank because he was a 'naughty pirate'! 
I hope there are no sharks in the water!

 DRAMA - Look at these pirates sailing on their pirate ship! Declan is reading the treasure map to see where they need to go and Joel is putting up the sail so the ship can move!

DRAMA / SELF MANAGEMENT - Mele has learned to use the stapler so she could put her pirate mask together all by herself

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Clever Cassiaus

Cassiaus is such a clever cookie!! He wrote all these words with Mrs Mudge today... and he knows how to say most of them too :)